Finding Attorneys In Cincinnati You Can Trust

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There are a lot of options out there when it comes to finding attorneys for individuals, businesses, or insurance companies looking for trusted attorneys in Cincinnati and the tri-state area. It can be difficult to find clarity through it all and come to an ultimate decision about which law firm is best for you and why.

Here are three areas that can help you pick the right attorneys in Cincinnati.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Certification

The BBB is an excellent guide for finding reputable and trusted companies. The Better Business Bureau evaluates and grades companies on how they interact with partners and customers. If a company has the BBB logo on their website, it is because they strive to develop quality relationships with everyone they work with.

Years of Experience

Litigation firms deal with a lot of complex and difficult subject matters including insurance claims, estate planning, and contracts. It’s very important that you work with someone established in the industry who understands legal terms, processes, and actions to take. While we don’t want to take anything away from younger firms, those that have been around for a long time have encountered many cases and know what it takes to win in different situations.

Customer Service Quality

Large law firms can have hundreds of attorneys with various experience levels to work with. The problem with that is you getting passed down the pipeline, and end up working with several others in similar processes. Getting passed off from attorney to attorney is a common problem individuals face when working with larger firms. This can lead to quality and communication issues. We recommend working with smaller firms that are established in the industry to avoid this and receive the best service and attention possible.

Here at Markesbery and Richardson, we know trust is a critical part of the relationship with an attorney that will WIN for you. We are trusted by BBB, have been around since 1988 with 142 years of combined experience, and are a smaller firm that focuses on people who need help in the tri-state area. We want to hear your problem and help you get the results you want, reach out to us here for a consultation.

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