3 Tips On What To Do When A Dog Bite Happens

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Most of us love our furry friends. But as a dog owner or just someone that happens to be around one, unfortunate things can happen… Here are 3 tips on what to do when a dog bite happens.

#1 – Treat The Injury & Get Contact Information

Call the ambulance if it is severe or get the injury cleaned out. Infections can occur if left untreated. If able, get the contact information of the owner when possible. You should do this even if the injury is not severe. The owner may try everything to avoid that though since their fur child just hurt someone and they are very scared of what could happen to their dog. Here are some more in depth resources from Fetch WebMD.

#2 – Contact Insurance Agent

Depending on the situation (location, ownership, insurance coverage, etc); someone’s insurance should cover the damages. Contact your insurance agent to uncover the next steps. It could be your insurance or the owner’s insurance. 

#3 – Involve Attorney 

If insurance isn’t covering the accident, you are having trouble proving the accident, or you need specific resolutions in a specific case; involve a licensed attorney who can help you in getting your desired outcome. If this has happened to you and you need help, reach out to us here for our expert team to assist you.

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