4 Things You Can Do If You’ve Had Mold Exposure

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Mold exposure can be harmful to businesses, insurance agencies and, most importantly, individuals. No one wants to deal with mold, but it can creep up on anyone.

Places Mold Likes To Grow

Mold grows in places that are wet, maybe from rain or air with a lot of moisture. Some common places include roofs, windows, pipes, etc. Mold loves paper and wood type areas such as cardboard, ceiling tiles, drywall, and even carpets or fabrics. 

Types Of Mold

3 very common types of mold include cladosporium, stachybotrys, and aspergillus. We don’t expect you to know or remember these of course, but these are the ones associated with the mold you see on food, allergies, and the famous “black mold”.

There are many more types and all types have species that can be harmful or non harmful to humans. So we always recommend playing it safe when you see something!

Check out more info on the types of mold through Oransi.

Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

Symptoms can include:

  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Rashes
  • Sore Throat
  • Wheezing
  • Watery or Itchy Eyes

You can find out more from Medical News Today.

What To Do After Exposed

So you have mold exposure. You have seen it in your business, home, apartment, or community facility. You are feeling the symptoms. What you should do next is document when and where you found the mold and involve property management if not you. You then should get checked out by a doctor to make sure everything is okay. Keep documentation of that as well. 

The next step is to involve your insurance company or attorney if it is a severe case or it has been harmful to you. If you need help, our attorneys have dealt with this before and can help you with your case. You can learn more about our services here or reach out to us here

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