Law Firm Over An Independent Attorney: 3 Reasons Why

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When it comes to choosing legal representation, this situation can make an already stressful time even more of a headache. There are so many options: independent lawyers, firms, even self-representation (not recommended). This blog post discusses the benefits of hiring a law firm over an independent attorney to attend to your legal needs. 

Reason #1 To Hire a Law Firm: Collective Brain Power

The first reason hiring a law firm is a better bet than an individual should be a no-brainer (pun intended): when you hire a firm, you will most likely be paired with a single representative, but that attorney has all of the resources his or her firm has to offer at their disposal.

They can collaborate with their partners to complement their knowledge and ultimately create the most compelling legal argument possible for you. Firms are also more likely to have established routines that lead to continual success, meaning a firm not only gives you the power of not just one lawyer but many, it also provides elements of structure and repeatability that most individual lawyers simply can’t match. 

Reason #2: You Will Always Have Access to Their Firm

The next important reason going with a firm is a better choice is that when you hire a firm, you future-proof yourself regarding future legal needs. Let’s say an individual works with a firm on a personal injury case: it goes great and the individual reaches a satisfactory claim. Then, a few months later, their insurance company calls and says they actually plan on taking said individual court. You reach out to the individual, but they are at their capacity.

No need to panic! Instead of having to go throughout the arduous process of meticulously googling insurance lawyers in their area, they can just call up the firm they worked with previously and be paired with a different attorney that specializes in insurance law, saving you precious time. 

Reason #3: There Isn’t An Inherent Difference In Price

Many readers surely saw reason #1 and thought that the added brain power would be nice but has to come with a higher price point: this isn’t necessarily true. Typically, the fee you would pay for an individual lawyer is comparable to that which you’d pay a firm since prices tend to parallel one another. 

Huge firms consisting of dozens and dozens of partners will surely bill you higher, but finding the sweet spot like we’ve strived to develop here at Markesbery & Richardson is key. 

We hope to offer a big-firm quality of service while maintaining the personal aspects of our firm that have helped us grow for over 30 years. With us, you get the best of both worlds. 

Are you in need of legal assistance and ready to take the first steps towards resolution? Start a conversation here. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for helpful tips and to keep in touch with us!

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