Why You Should Always Hire a Lawyer For Your Legal Needs

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Running into legal issues, whether criminal or personal, can be a stressful issue for anyone who has encountered it. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and, in many cases, stressed about the outcome from a variety of angles: personal, fiscal, reputation, etc. There is a common misconception that to hire a lawyer demands a fixed cost of a high value, one many people in this situation may not feel like they have the resources to afford. The truth, however, is that this is less of a cost and more of an investment in the outcome of your case. Here’s why: 

Reason #1 To Hire a Lawyer – Law Is A Complex & Nuanced Field

It takes multiple years of graduate school to obtain your JD (Juris Doctorate) and become a lawyer; thousands of hours of reading, writing, and studying the complex nuance of the legal system. Even more stunning, this is all done in a single category or specialization, which is a testament to the level of deep knowledge required to be an expert in even one single legal field.

A lawyer is someone who has been trained to know what they need to know and to apply that knowledge to working towards a favorable outcome for you, the client. They serve as a protector for you from what can sometimes be a harsh and unforgiving legal system, allowing you to focus on the details of your case or on settling other matters while they put your case together. 

Regardless of the issue at hand, these types of matters are not something to take lightly: it’s best to air on the safe side and enlist the help of a legal professional. 

Reason #2 – The Vast Network of Resources At Their Disposal 

This is especially true when hiring a lawyer that works for a firm like ours. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, you’re not just hiring that lawyer… you’re gaining access to a large network of resources most lawyers have at their disposal. Lawyers from a firm can work with other attorneys at their practice to create the most compelling case possible, ensuring you have the best chance at a favorable outcome. 

Additionally, lawyers from your area will have a focused familiarity of the court circuits in your area and will have most likely already presented cases in front of the judge you are in front of in cases where this is applicable. Per Avvo, most attorneys agree that this enhances their ability to strategize. 

Reason #3 – You Will Most Likely Save Money In the Long Run

This is the big one! So often there is a misconception around hiring a lawyer that it will be outrageously expensive; while it is true that hiring an attorney can be a bit pricey, it is best to look at this expense at an investment that will ultimately work in your benefit. 

Whether you are seeking money from a defendant, defending yourself, or entangled in any other type of legal proceedings, hiring a lawyer almost always results in a more favorable case outcome. Even more important, hiring a lawyer immediately increases your chances of reaching a settlement, as legal professionals are well trained when it comes to working with the other party’s representation on finding a fair compromise (info via MattLaw). 

For these reasons, it is undoubtedly better to seek expert legal representation rather than doing so on your own. It might cost a bit of money up front, but when your settlement is twice as big or, if you’re the defendant, cut in half, you will be glad you did so. 

Made up your mind? If you’re interested in taking the first steps towards your optimal resolution, contact us at Markesbery & Richardson to arrange a free discovery session where we discuss the details of your case or situation.

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